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RC Car

Owen recently celebrated his 8th birthday and I was finally able to convince Maggie that he was old enough for a RC Car. After the usual amount of research I decided to purchase the Associated 1/10 RC10B4.2 Read-to-Run Buggy. This was similar to the cars that I used to race when I was a child. Back then I spent countless hours in the basement of my parent's home building RC Cars so I knew how much of an investment it would be for us to build the car from a kit. Being that this was Owen's first car and he was going to learn how to drive with it I decided to go with the Ready-to-Run so save both of us a lot of time and frustration. Owen was elated with the gift and he really enjoys racing around. We have had a few minor dings and dents but for the most part he has done a great job learning how to drive. I hope that enjoys the hobby as much as I did back in the day.